Cool, blue serenity

She woke up in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but cool, blue serenity she peacefully dozed off this was the part of her dream where for the first time ever the sharks came and sheer terror and panic ensued this was the only time the new nightmare after the dream struck   […]

Stronger Now

The sting I felt when I always expressed my admiration and attraction to you but you were always the recipient   The gradual hopelessness I assumed when I realized I was always the rock as if you knew it was what nature intended   The debilitation I faced when I let you do these things […]

Morning at Marley’s

Every. Single. God damn. Morning. The rocks hit my window, seven a.m. sharp. I know Don worked a lot, or so he said he did. I guess that was why seven was so consistent. But he could leave me the hell alone. I worked too, I usually went in to the restaurant at nine but didn’t have to help […]

Flowers for Faye

“Who’s that young man there outside the door? He looks like he must be for you,” grandma slid her glasses down the bridge of her nose and peered out the blinds. “Oh grandma…it’s not Clayton is it?” I had just sat down with my favorite dinner. Scrambled egg whites, sliced avocado, and a fat salmon […]